Valued Employee Celebrates Milestone

Brian Kustaborder Celebrates 40 Years of Service with Martin Oil Company

One October day in 1979 Jim Tomchick, a longtime Martin Oil employee, told his neighbor, Brian Kustaborder , that the company was looking for a truck driver. According to Brian he was driving truck “since he was 9”. He got the job. The rest is now a rich 40 year history culminating in considerable experience in the fuel industry and steadfast loyalty to Martin Oil Company. Brian will tell you that when he started “we didn’t even have a fax machine”, and “we never had new trucks”. He says the upgraded technology of these modern trucks is one of the biggest differences between then and now. He will tell you other big differences between 1979 and 2019 are increased regulations to follow, and the construction of I-99 making transportation easier. He remembers purchasing heating oil at a cost as low as 24¢ per gallon and as high as over $4.00 per gallon in about 2008.
Brian started his career at Martin Oil as a truck driver and today has many responsibilities. First and foremost, is the purchasing of ALL petroleum products for Martin Oil, managing a fleet of over 104 vehicles and holding a seat on our Board of Directors. Brian says that his fondest memories at the company come from the friends he made over the years.
Brian is an extremely important member of our team and Martin Oil truly benefits from his in depth knowledge of the industry and experience every day. His mark on the company will be felt for many years to come. Thank you BK!