It  Was  A  Long, Cold Winter…


            The winter of 2017-18 recorded very cold temperatures, well below the norm.  This extreme cold put a sudden strain on many businesses, including ours.  It’s our priority to keep you warm during our cold winters.  We apologize for any shortfalls in our service last winter due to this intense cold.

This list of tips will help us help you get through next winter a little more easily.


  1. OUR BUDGET PLAN levels out payments.  Whether you are enrolled in our Budget Program or not, you can pay ahead through the summer for your home heating oil.  This helps control your payments throughout the year.
  2. YOUR OUTSIDE TANK will work more efficiently if you fill it with more than 100 gallons per delivery. Be aware that condensation can form when outside tank is not full which can result in possible heating oil/ tank problems.
  3. WHEN THERE IS deep snow, driveways that aren’t fully plowed or icy can really hamper delivery. Likewise, a path to your fill spot should be cleared, if you are able.
  4. SERVICE YOUR FURNACE regularly for optimal performance; just as you would service your car regularly. Regularly change your filter and get tune ups.  It will save you money and hassle in the long run.
  5. BE PROACTIVE. Call in if your tank shows 1/4 full on a 275 gallon tank.