Fuel Delivery

Martin Oil Company delivers products to residential and commercial customers over a very wide area. Quantities range from 50 to 8500 gallons. (Under 100 gallons delivery fees apply) Because we place a high premium on customer service, we deliver from three area offices:

Bellwood, in northern Blair County, is our main office. The address is 528 North First Street, Bellwood, PA 16617. Phone numbers are (814) 742-8438 or 800-252-3868. Fax is 742-8458.



Alexandria is in Huntingdon County. Located on Route 22, the address is 5468 William Penn Highway, Alexandria, PA 16611. Phone numbers are (814) 669-4427 or 800-905-4645. Fax is 669-4630.



Ebensburg is in Cambria County. Located on Route 22 just west of 219, in a restored barn, the address is 4059 Admiral Peary Highway, Ebensburg, PA 15931. Phone numbers are (814) 471-2783 or 800-287-7978. Fax is 472-6164.




About Home Heating Systems and Tanks

  • There are basically two types of oil heating systems: hot air and hot water. A hot air furnace forces heated air through ducts to registers or vents. A hot water boiler pumps hot water through baseboard pipes. Either type of system benefits from an annual cleaning and tune-up. This keeps the system's efficiency up, and costs down. Oil heat is also frequently used in conjunction with a heat pump, as heat pumps tend to be inefficient at colder temperatures. Always use a professional service company, like Boyer Heating & Air Conditioning, to maintain your system.  Boyer Heating & Air Conditioning provides 24 Hour Service to all Martin Oil Company customers.
  • The typical home heating oil tank is 275 gallons. The functional capacity is considered to be 250 gallons. Sometimes two tanks are piped together, giving a capacity of 500 gallons. Some properties have larger capacity. The typical delivery is 150 gallons or more.
  • Tanks inside a house - usually in the basement --- can use regular heating oil. Tanks that are outside require heating oil with a winterizing additive, to prevent it from gelling. 
  • Some residential heating oil tanks are buried underground. These are generally of 1000 gallon capacity. Underground tanks can use regular heating oil. Only tanks that are larger than 1,100 gallons are regulated by the PA Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Tanks and heating systems generally have a long life. It is your responsibility to examine your tank, piping, and heating system, and to see that all are properly installed and maintained.

About Choice and Service

Heating with oil is not like heating with natural gas or electricity, because you are not dealing with a big utility. You own your supply. You control when and how much you buy at one time. Most importantly, you have a choice of suppliers. Most oil companies are small businesses run by independent distributors. You can make your purchase decisions based on the service you receive, as well as the price.

Customer service has long been the "calling card" of Martin Oil Company. We take it very seriously. We also strive to meet your needs as fully as possible, so we offer many service and payment options. Many oil companies come and go. We've been in business since 1962. Customer service, and sound business practices, are the reasons why.

Fuel Delivery Options

Automatic Delivery

For greatest heating convenience, choose Automatic Delivery. By means of our computerized Degree Day system, we anticipate your fuel use and deliver automatically when you need fuel. Deliveries are based on the outside temperature and your past purchase history-which we assume to be typical of your use. Usually, once Automatic Delivery and your pattern of use are established, there's no need to call. Important Exceptions are spelled out below. Please read carefully.

With Automatic Delivery, running out of fuel is extremely unlikely. Should you run out of fuel due to our error, delivery will be made at any time, at no additional cost.

We require ten days written notice to start or end Automatic Delivery, to keep everyone on the same page. If you begin Automatic Delivery as a new customer, it will be indicated on your Welcome Letter. Automatic Delivery required credit and delivery approval.

Exceptions to your usual use require attention, if you are on Automatic Delivery. If there are changes in your consumption-an increase or decrease-- it is your responsibility to notify us. Using more or less fuel can cause a run-out, or even a tank over-fill. These problems can be costly-and would be your responsibility. Here are some things that can affect consumption:

  • The addition of a new room or rooms
  • Change in the household-a retirement, an elderly parent, or new baby
  • Installing or removing an oil-fired hot water tank
  • Going on an extended winter vacation
  • Moving out of your home

We can adjust deliveries to reflect your new use, in many cases. But if your consumption will remain inconsistent, you should not be on Automatic Delivery.

Automatic Delivery is not recommended in certain circumstances, where fuel use in unpredictable. You should not be on Automatic if:

  • You use a heat pump, wood burner, or other alternate heat source
  • You do not live in the residence full-time: it's a summer home or seasonal camp

Will-Call Delivery

With Will-Call Delivery, customers watch their tanks and call when delivery is needed. We pride ourselves on delivering quickly. Some people prefer Will-Call Delivery to better control the timing or amount of delivery.

If you have an alternate heat source, such as a wood burner or heat pump, Will-Call Delivery is recommended. If you are planning to move, or don't live in your home for extended periods, you should be on Will-Call. With Will-Call Delivery:

  • Base price starts at 100 gallons. Delivery under 100 gallons incurs a delivery fee.
  • After hours emergency delivery is made at an additional charge

Purchase Discounts

Prompt Pay - "Ten in Ten" Discount

We offer a 10 per gallon discount on home heating oil, or other fuels delivered by tank wagon, for prompt cash payment. The discount is earned if payment is made at the time of delivery, or if it's received in our office within ten calendar days. A priced delivery invoice will be left by our driver at your door. It will show the amount you can deduct if the invoice is paid in full within ten days. The line on the invoice marked "PLEASE PAY THIS AMOUNT" is the total price without the Prompt Pay Discount. An envelope to mail your check or money order is provided.

Here are some other points to note:

  • Our Prompt Pay Discount applies even if you receive a Senior Citizen or Volume Discount
  • Automatic Delivery customers may receive the discount, if payment is received within ten days.
  • Bid customers already receive special pricing so are not eligible for an additional Prompt Pay Discount. 
  • Budget customers do not receive the Prompt Pay Discount because payment is spread over an eleven month period. You may switch from Budget and begin paying your entire balance in full within ten days, if you wish. But you must call to end Budget participation.
  • If you don't live where the fuel is delivered, for example, if you have a rental property or business, you can be set up as a "Key Off" account. (KO) appears after your account name. A Key Off invoice will not be left; it will be sent to the mailing address on the account. We send out invoices daily. The discount will still be earned if the bill is paid within ten days from the date of delivery. Please call to be set up as a Key Off account.

Senior Citizen Discount

Seniors age 62 or older receive a 2 per gallon discount on home heating fuels for their primary residence. Please tell us when you qualify. Please note that the 2 Senior Citizen Discount does not appear as a separate item on your invoice. It is included in determining your price per gallon.

Volume Discounts

For residential heating oils, our base price is offered on deliveries of 100 to 274 gallons. (Delivery of less than 100 gallons is made at an additional cost per gallon.) Discounts are given for deliveries over 275 gallons. Discounts are also offered to farm and other high volume commercial users.

Purchase and Payment Options

Cash or Credit Terms

Martin Oil Company offers a variety of Payment Options. 30 day payment terms are available to qualified customers. Mastercard, Visa, and Discover cards are also accepted.

$1000 Club

$1000 Club, formerly called Priority Interest takes the place of the Pre-Buy and Price Assurance programs that were offered in the past.  With the $1000 Club, customers can...

  • Earn 3% Annual Interest by maintaining a $1000 credit balance
  • Receive deep discounts off the current price...12 per gallon or more
  • Enjoy the convenience and benefits of pre-payment
  • Eliminate the risk of locking in a fixed price

The $1000 Club fuel price is based on the current rate at the time of each delivery.  Participating customers then receive a 2 per gallon $1000 Club discount, plus our 10 per gallon for Prompt Payment.  Senior Citizens and volume discounts also apply--saving you even more.

Entrance into the program is not restricted to a set time.  The program restarts in June of each year.  Call us for further details, or for an application.

Standard Budget Plan

Our standard 11 month Budget Plan divides your estimated annual fuel cost into level monthly payments.  You may join the budget program at any time. The amount is based on your past purchase history. The price charged at each delivery will be our current market price. Automatic Delivery is not required. There is no charge for participation. Please call our Credit Department at 800-252-3868 to join.

Automated Payment Plan

If you authorize an automatic bank draft, you need never write another check. Your fuel bill is deducted from the account you choose. There is no charge for this service, but you'll see savings in stamps, checks, and time. Please call our Credit Department at 800-252-3868 to set up.

LIHEAP Energy Assistance

We are a long-time participant in LIHEAP Energy Assistance programs, in every county we serve.

Quality Products

Premium Heating Oil

Martin Oil Company treats heating oil with a special additive that improves the efficiency of oil heating systems and helps keep them cleaner. Premium Heating Oil is made for use in indoor or underground tanks.

Winter Products for Outdoor Tanks

A special product must be used in outdoor tanks. We offer Winterized Heating Oil, which is treated to help eliminate gelling in outdoor tanks. Winterized Heating Oil is the most economical fuel to use in outdoor tanks.

Diesel Fuel and Gasoline

Diesel fuel and gasoline are delivered to farms, contractors and businesses. Martin Oil Company sells Premium Diesel Fuel. Premium Diesel is treated to improve performance and reduce corrosion. In cold weather, a special winterizing additive is used to help protect against gelling.

Martin Oil Company strictly abides by federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) laws. Federal laws determine the sulfur level of diesel fuels. Lower sulfur means cleaner-burning fuel. In recent years, there has been a major reduction in sulfur levels. In some cases, lower sulfur has lead to an increased risk of performance problems in cold weather. Reducing this risk requires a proactive approach. Care must be taken in storing diesel products and maintaining equipment.

At present, there are several types of diesel fuel, with different sulfur levels. Federal regulations require the labeling of all diesel pumps to specify the type of fuel being dispensed. We will provide labels to all tanks we service.

It is the consumer's responsibility to use the correct fuel in highway and non-highway equipment. Fines for noncompliance are steep.

Renewable and Alterative Fuels

BioDiesel and BioHeat are made from renewable resources, like vegetable oils, animal fats, or greases. These products are often blended with petroleum diesel or heating oil, in ratios from 2% to 20% or more. The distribution network-pipelines, pipeline terminals, and storage tanks-is in the process of being established. Production is being developed in Pennsylvania and many other places.

Ethanol is an alternative fuel that can be blended with gasoline. Gas containing up to 10% ethanol-E10-can be used by any standard gas vehicle. Gas containing more than 10% ethanol may only be sold for use in special cars and trucks called flexible-fuel vehicles (FFVs). E85 (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline) is an alternative fuel. Vehicles must be specially manufactured to run on E85.

In the U.S., corn is the primary source of ethanol. Experts are looking at how to use non-food material, like wood chips, prairie grasses, and paper waste, to make ethanol.

Martin Oil Company looks forward to the time when renewable fuels are the standard.

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